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Tin Hang Liu

Tin Hang Liu

Co-founder CEO OSVehicle

Hi, I’m Tin. I was born and grew up in Italy, I also lived part of my life in San Francisco, Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shenzhen.

I’m a entrepreneur, in the past I ran with my dad a family’s company called Italchina, while creating new businesses in the social media and web industry. With no marketing budget I created communities with more than 5 million users and then founded the social media division of SEOLAB and worked with top clients like Benetton Group Worldwide (United Colors of Benetton, Sisley, Playlife), Fox (Fox, National Geographic, History Channel), Kimberly Clark (Scottex, Teresita, Kleenex). Then I did a startup Cityfan which became the restaurant guide of  Repubblica, the largest editorial online and offline in Italy. Now I’m totally focused on OSVehicle.

In my spare time I love to share my experiences and know how teaching at University like IED Samsung in Milan, Turin University, previously at IULM University and University of Trento, in the Masters level, with subjects ranging from Social Media Marketing, Online Strategies, Entrepreneurship 2.0, New mobility.


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My actual project

Hacking the automotive industry

Building cars on open platforms is an idea whose time has come Brad Templeton

influencer, Singularity University - Google Self Driving Car

from making to hacking cars

Gianluca Dettori

CEO, dPixel - Ventura Capital firm

Magnificent project to follow Tristan Nitot

President, Mozilla Europe

Today I saw the future of the automotive business in an Open Source world Riccardo Luna

editor La Repubblica, Italian Digital Champion - Founder of Wired Italy

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Open Source Vehicle


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  • Open Source Hardware 70%
  • Startup 77%
  • Marketing 78%
  • Transportation 75%
  • Teach 85%

Tin es una persona altamente dispuesta a colaborar, tiene excelentes ideas y tiene los pies en la tierra. Desde el comienzo de Postcron, por iniciativa propia, se comunicó conmigo y realizó recomendaciones sobre el desarrollo del producto, haciéndo énfasis en las características necesarias para incrementar su productividad. En el ámbito del Social Media, es un experto, gurú y emprendedor, puesto que pone en práctica sus ideas y continuamente busca alcanzar nuevos horizontes.

Alejandro Rigatuso

Founder & CEO, Postcron

Tin is a real guru of social media and web 2.0 strategies

Gianluca Dettori

chairman, dPixel - Ventura Capital firm

Tin Hang is a very engaging professor, competent, clear, lively, able to value the contributions of others and to help them become a team. Working with him is very inspiring.

Selina Xerra

Direttore Corporate Social Responsibility e Comitati Territoriali, Gruppo Iren

It’s been a pleasure attending Tin Hang Liu lessons. Tin Hang Liu has a great energy and a very simple and effective way to teach. His attitutude is always positive and contagious, he has a very good and deep knowledge of the social media field.

Mariachiara Zanin

Events and Communication, Citroën Italia Spa

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I really want to thank you for the Birthday Wishes and want to share some feelings and thoughts: My parents love me I have a wonderful and super sister I have amazing friends all over the World, from all generations and thanks to them I learned how to be a better person Age is not the best way to categorize people I’m so lucky 🍀 to have met new friends and beautiful minds during my Worldwide tour with OSVehicle :  California, France,  Netherlands, Germany, UK,  Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, China etc… I have a wonderful girlfriend and we really love each other I love my job, I don’t even consider it a job, it’s my passion I’m unlearning obsolete models and that’s the hardest part I’m learning everyday and I love this feeling I teach in my spare time what I learned I love teaching, sharing is really caring If you need something just ask Failure is always the best way to learn When you stop to learn you start to die Turning off the TV in my life at 14 years old was probably the best decision I’ve ever made Traveling is one of the best way to improve yourself and learn The World 🌍 is a huge mess and is so beautiful! Previous generations made some mistakes especially choices made with an excess of greedy ness Every person in this planet should watch “The Story of Stuff” and start to change the World We (especially new generations) have to solve huge things Older generations should trust newer more Resistance to change is our worst enemy Short term vision... read more

All your data on the cloud

My friends think that I’m of the luckiest person they know, even if it’s true I lost my Mac. Once you lost all your data you just think: why on Earth I haven’t put all my data on the cloud? Especially photos. So I decided to be sure to have all in the cloud because: it’s safer than your hard drive they can’t steal them, at least it’s harder than steal your bag you can access to this file with other devices easily These are the solutions: Photos: Flickr (using 180GB of 1TB for my entire photo library) Documents: Google Docs and Spreadsheet https://www.google.it/intl/it/docs/about/videos/docs.mp4 Other files: Dropbox, because a lot of people have it and it’s easier to share file Just for me: Mega and eventually Spideroak, because it’s more secure and private or it should be Music: Google Music where I uploaded over 7000 mp3 from my iTunes (including audio books and personal audio... read more

Easy way to learn Chinese Mandarin

Inspired by a facebook post of Frank Teng (ex MakeZine) who now is learning chinese mandarin in Shenzhen I would like to share his advice and resources: The Most Common Chinese Characters According to the statistics, a knowledge of a given number of the most common characters should result in the following estimated understanding of the Chinese language: 100 characters → 42% understanding 1600 characters → 95.0% understanding 200 characters → 55% understanding 1700 characters → 95.5% understanding 300 characters → 64% understanding 1800 characters → 96.0% understanding 400 characters → 70% understanding 1900 characters → 96.5% understanding 500 characters → 75% understanding 2000 characters → 97.0% understanding 600 characters → 79% understanding 2100 characters → 97.4% understanding 700 characters → 82% understanding 2200 characters → 97.7% understanding 800 characters → 85% understanding 2300 characters → 98.0% understanding 900 characters → 87% understanding 2400 characters → 98.3% understanding 1000 characters → 89% understanding 2500 characters → 98.5% understanding 1100 characters → 90% understanding 2600 characters → 98.7% understanding 1200 characters → 91% understanding 2700 characters → 98.9% understanding 1300 characters → 92% understanding 2800 characters → 99.0% understanding 1400 characters → 93% understanding 2900 characters → 99.1% understanding 1500 characters → 94% understanding 3000 characters → 99.2% understanding   Chinese popup translator Great tool for learning Chinese. Supports adding words to Skritter. A quick, easy and useful Chinese popup dictionary, especially for learners of Mandarin Chinese. Top 3000 Chinese Characters These are the 3000 most common simplified Chinese characters based on a sample of more than 2 million characters from texts on on a wide range of topics. If you... read more

Internet in China: alternative solutions

Few simple tips updated to March 2015: The first thing is a great VPN in order to access and get your data from blocked website such: Dropbox, Gmail, Inbox, Google Drive, etc… Suggestion: Astrill + homeplan option that allow you to use up to 5 devices Cloud: OneDrive of Microsoft works great Collaborative and sharing documents Office: forget Google Docs, use Microsoft Office Online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and iCloud (Keynote, Pages, Numbers) Chat: just WeChat as first choice, then Whatsapp Voice: Skype is still good, WeChat works fine, try also Ringcredible Video: forget about YouTube and Vimeo, just use Youku + Google Translate + VPN Obviously some of these services could not load that well or that fast, in China Internet is really terrible and hyper…... read more

Teaching at IED Samsung

Yesterday I took a train to Milan and a Uber Black to give a lesson of 3 hours at IED Istituto Europeo di Design which is a design school in Italy organized into four disciplines: Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management. There I had a wonderful time with the students in a taylor made master sponsored by Samsung. We talked about: classroom conformity courage to take risks adapt or die: innovation is the key, do not be a dinosaurs opportunities of electric vehicles startups based on OSVehicle ecosystem with real case studies sharing economy: case studies lean startups: fail fast, try again, pivot Then took a tram with a student, and underground to catch BlaBlaCar ride. The driver is a IT security guy, former startupper and also a teacher Then today on my facebook newsfeed I found this article: Dear Students: An Apology From A Teacher By sharing know how, knowledge, experience and vehicles, it was such a wonderful and richful day. Thank... read more

See you in Europe

What a great experience in Asia, right now I’m flying to Europe to work on prototypes of OSVehicle platform and teach @ IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) with Samsung. More great news are coming, stay tuned! read more

Just visited a lot of chinese suppliers in automotive

What a mess! People walking and driving e-scooters while bringing huge automotive components parts everywhere. By the way, it’s a very huge business, Chinese people are super busy into this and they loves car. For them it’s still a huge status symbol while in Western countries ownership of vehicle are changing fast. Anyway, we definitely need to simplify... read more

Working on my new website

I just took some minutes while I’m in Shenzhen, terrible choice to work on internet using western tools in China, to update my website using Divi and WordPress. Will see what happen read more

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