Few simple tips updated to March 2015:

  1. The first thing is a great VPN in order to access and get your data from blocked website such: Dropbox, Gmail, Inbox, Google Drive, etc… Suggestion: Astrill + homeplan option that allow you to use up to 5 devices
  2. Cloud: OneDrive of Microsoft works great
  3. Collaborative and sharing documents Office: forget Google Docs, use Microsoft Office Online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and iCloud (Keynote, Pages, Numbers)
  4. Chat: just WeChat as first choice, then Whatsapp
  5. Voice: Skype is still good, WeChat works fine, try also Ringcredible
  6. Video: forget about YouTube and Vimeo, just use Youku + Google Translate + VPN

Obviously some of these services could not load that well or that fast, in China Internet is really terrible and hyper… slow.

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