I really want to thank you for the Wishes and want to share some feelings and thoughts:

  1. My parents love me
  2. I have a wonderful and super sister
  3. I have amazing friends all over the World, from all generations and to them I learned how to be a better person
  4. Age is not the best way to categorize people
  5. I’m so lucky 🍀 to have met new friends and beautiful minds during my Worldwide tour with OSVehicle :  California, France,  Netherlands, Germany, UK,  Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, China etc…
  6. I have a wonderful girlfriend and we really love each other
  7. I love my job, I don’t even consider it a job, it’s my passion
  8. I’m unlearning obsolete models and that’s the hardest part
  9. I’m learning everyday and I love this feeling
  10. I teach in my spare time what I learned
  11. I love teaching, sharing is really caring
  12. If you need something just ask
  13. Failure is always the best way to learn
  14. When you stop to learn you start to die
  15. Turning off the TV in my life at 14 years old was probably the best decision I’ve ever made
  16. Traveling is one of the best way to improve yourself and learn
  17. The World 🌍 is a huge mess and is so beautiful!
  18. Previous generations made some mistakes especially choices made with an excess of greedy ness
  19. Every person in this planet should watch “The Story of Stuff” and start to change the World
  20. We (especially new generations) have to solve huge things
  21. Older generations should trust newer more
  22. Resistance to change is our worst enemy
  23. Short term vision sucks
  24. Sustainability (environmental and social) is more important than money
  25. Money is a tool to make things happen, should not be your primary objective (that’s so 1980)
  26. Subconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious part
  27. Brain hacking is so powerful
  28. Every single person has a huge potential, release the Kraken!
  29. Internet changed the World
  30. Communication &  Marketing are fundamental in everything you do especially if you want to change the World in better
  31. Blockchain & Smart contracts is going to change the World
  32. Open Source is going to change the World as well
  33. Thinking and talking are important, it’s even more important to take action and be pragmatic
  34. Love and consciousness will save the World
  35. I’m  and I should go to sleep now


Celebrating my #birthday 🎂 30+ years since we took this photo, still enjoying every year as a kid 😁. I love my life ❤

A photo posted by Tin Hang Liu (CEO @ OSVehicle) (@tinhangliu) on

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