Here’s a list of what did a big impact in my life and I hope could inspire you as well:


A better World

Because we are trashing the planet and we need real solutions

In 2008, I was in Turin with my flat mate Jeremie from Paris talking about the future and how things are not as we study at Universities especially talking about manufacturing and economy. He showed me The Story of Stuff and I was totally amazed. This was one of the things that inspired me to create OSVehicle.

If you want to understand how things are made and trashed just press play.


Follow your heart

because our time is limited


I was an Apple super fan and before Steve Jobs died and Apple became mainstream I was mesmerised by his speech at Stanford. His words gave me a lot of power, when I feel weak sometimes I watch it again and again.

Thank you Steve for your inspiring life.



Is the love of money the root of all kinds of evil? Not really


Thank to T Harv Eker seminar and Robert Kiyosaki’s books I learned better about the mindset of being rich and the real value of money.


Work = Passion

Work should be your passion, as a natural extension of yourself. I also found out that there are some smarter way to work and doing business today.


And we should rethink about our education

Unlearn and re-learn are the keys

more are coming…

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